You’ve probably heard Winnipeg native Jaylene Johnson's music on shows like Pretty Little Liars, Degrassi: The Next Generation
and So You Think You Can Dance. Several LPs of her original songs showcase her “angelic pipes” (Wpg Sun) and soul-nourishing
songs. These include Not Forgotten (2000; 2003 Winner of “Pop Song of the Year – International Gospel Music Association); Finding
(2004; nominated for a WCMA); and Happiness (2010; nominated for a WCMA). These were followed by various singles from
2011-2013. She is an artist who makes you "listen more closely" (CD Baby), putting her own quirky, yet insightful, slant on life, love and
matters of faith.
A head-on collision in late 2004 took her off the road and stage for a number of years. During this time, she signed a co-publishing deal with
Casablanca Media Publishing and fell in love with co-writing. An avid collaborator, she has co-penned songs recorded by artists including
celebrated singer/songwriters, Amy Sky and Luke McMaster, and New Zealand artist, Jody Direen. In late 2012, a rare intubation injury
during a routine surgery left her with severe vocal damage. After a year and a half of struggling to sing, a Toronto specialist discovered a
hairline scar on her left vocal chord, and performed reparative surgery. This experience caused Jaylene to reflect on her artistry moving
forward, leading her right back to her spiritual roots.
“As a songwriter, I love to cowrite across genres, but have been feeling the internal pull as an artist, to go deeper with my own work and
record music that makes room for longing, questions and doubts, as well as declarations of what my faith means to me.”
This led her into conversation with long-time colleague and acclaimed artist Steve Bell, who offered his studio at Signpost Music in
Winnipeg, and encouraged her to explore devotional music further. Jaylene spent considerable time during the summer of 2015 writing
songs for what will be her next long-play offering, Potter and Clay, to be released at retail October 7, with Steve at the helm as Executive
Producer, along with award-winning producer Murray Pulver. Her first single, "Find Us" drops in August, as she builds
support for a full record release.
The CBC has been good to Jaylene, locally and inter-provincially, as has Galaxie radio, which spins her songs on its Pop/AC channel
and “The Light”. National and local Christian radio (Shine FM, CHVN) has also given Jaylene exposure in faith-based markets. Her song
Hope was chosen to represent the National Anglican Church of Canada’s “Marks of Mission”, a project which included a music video
and documentary of the recording of the song in Vancouver, BC, with an all-star crew of musicians including the song’s cowriter, Jim Kimball
(Nashville-based songwriter, producer and guitar player for Reba McIntyre) Randall Stoll (Tom Cochrane, k.d.Lang) David Sinclair
(Sarah McLachlan)
Arun Chaturvedi (Luke McMaster, Don Amero) and Randy Murray (producer and former guitarist for BTO)
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Awards and Nominations

- JUNO Award nomination for "Potter & Clay"
- "Potter & Clay" nominated for 6 Covenant Awards
- Finalist in the Unsigned Only Competiton for "When It All Goes South"
- Finalist in the ISC with song "When It All Goes South"
- 2011 Western Canadian Music Award nominee
- 2011 Juno Award nomination for "The Great Unknown" with Eagle and Hawk
- Single of the Year, ECMA nomination for “Give Me a Ring” with The Keats
- 2010 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) finalist for "Handsome"
- 2010 ISC semi-finalist for "Joy"
- 2009 Finalist and semi-finalist in the ISC Sophomore
- 2004 WCMA nomination for Finding Beautiful
- 2004 five Covenant Award nominations
- 2003 Communities in Bloom songwriting contest winner for “Prairie Girl”
- 2002 Contemporary Pop Song of the Year winner (Gospel Music Association)


- "This Is Christmas" (sung by The Willows) for three Hallmark Christmas movies
- "Angels" for So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 Episode 5 (danced to by contestant Bridget Whitman)
- MTV's Keeping Up With the Kardashians (various cowrites)
- "Happiness" for Degrassi: The Next Generation
- "No Matter How Hard We Try" for Pretty Little Liars
- "Closer to You" for Pretty Little Liars
- "Everything Under the Sun" (sing by Cadence Grace) for Degrassi: The Next Generation
- "Stranger to Me" (sung by Hannah Georgas) for Degrassi: The Next Generation
- Grow licensed for "Degrassi: The Next Generation", Being Ericka and Unstable
- Song Winter Wish selected for Air Canada's InFlight playlist (2009)
- “Boomerang” on NBC's Lipstick Jungle
- “Only Have my Love” on The Black Donnellys for iTunes (NBC Universal)
- “Do Anything” on Beautiful People (ABC Family Network)
- “Butterfly Girl” for Dawson's Creek (replacement music for DVD release)
- “Not Forgotten”, “Sit Awhile” and “Wonder” for Joan of Arcadia
- “Butterfly Girl” lyrics and song for a book called Celebrate Changes : Girls Voices Matter, released in October, 2007

Recordings by other artists:

- Brant Pethick : A Million Stars (Top 10 Christian radio in Canada)
- Jordan St.Cyr: I Look to Jesus, Lay it Down
- Luke McMaster: various songs including the title track "Trending" (released in 2016)
- Jody Direen: Mine (released as a single in New Zealand)
- Taylor Watson: Mine (EP)
- Hill KourKourtis and the Sky Heroes: Love Isn’t Safe
- Amy Sky: Alive, Ready to be Changed and Love Knows
- Hannah Georgas: Stranger to Me
- James Struthers: Baby Blues, Forever Girl, Lovers for the Night
- Rex Goudie: Undone (released as a single in Atlantic Canada)
- The Keats: Give Me a Ring (Single), Handsome (Single), Wildcard
- Leah Danielle: Rescue Me (produced by David Foster)
- Sierra Noble: I Love You More
- JJ Heller: Grow and Keep You Safe
- Kimberly Dawn: Nothin’ to Lose and Marryin’ Kind
- Darrelyne Bickel: I’m Gone and I’ve Had Enough
- Arun Chaturvedi: Borrowed Time, Man I Am, Anything For You
- Amelia Varni: I Want You to Go
- Janelle: Was It Worth It and Beautiful Scars
- Janelle Nadeau: Leavin’, Where I’m From, Caught in Between, Grant Us Pardon, Pour a Glass
- Ngoni Reid "Redemption" and "How Quickly Lights Can Fade"
- Keith and Renee "Gotta Surrender" and "Moonshine"
- Eagle & Hawk "The Great Unknown"
- Kimberly Dawn "The Marryin' Kind" and "Nothin' to Lose"
- Jade Turner "Maybe It's You"


- song "Hope" recorded in Vancouver by the National Anglican Church of Canada (incl. video and documentary)
- 2011 Summer Tour in western Canada
- Major exposure of song “Closer” via YouTube
- 2010 Winter Games and with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (with Eagle and Hawk)
- 2009 CBC Concert on Demand featured on Canada Live
- Bluebird North co-bill with Romi Mayes, Alana Levandoski and Keri Latimer (Nathan)
- Showcases for NBC Universal, ABC Disney, CMW and the Western Canadian Music Awards


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